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OTGC On The Green Carpet
Brand Development and Alliances

OTGC – On The Green Carpet® is a boutique business development organization
offering practical “Out of the Box” strategic development, social networking integration, brand alliance, event and brand awareness services to entities developing, advocating, developing and marketing products and services safe for both our bodies and the environment.

OTGC- On The Green Carpet® Inc. is a global entity assessing the overall effectiveness and global impact of programs, services, and products in the areas of health, education, community and environment. OTGC provides you with strategies to diversify your target markets, identify strong leaders, and identify with minority populations who are worth approximately 1.8 trillion in consumer spending. We help expand your efforts beyond the current sustainability networks. Reach younger demographics and high net worth individuals who care about the manufacturing of quality products and the utilization of safe materials regardless of the pricetag.

2269 Chestnut Street #116
San Francisco, CA, 94123

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