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Renewable Strategies
CoC CW certification, wood-related LEED credits

Renewable Strategies works with companies seeking forest product chain of custody and controlled wood certification - FSC, SFI, PEFC - by preparing you for your initial assessment or by assisting you in resolving correct actions and non-conformities. With over 10 years experience in chain of custody, Renewable Strategies is well positioned to ensure that your company will be well prepared, whether you are a printer seeking FSC certification under the transfer system, a lumber retailer wanting to be SFI certified under the physical separation method or a paper mill with complicated sourcing and unsure if you inputs are from low-risk or controlled sources.
In addition, Renewable Strategies works with all sectors of the building trades interested in greening their supply chain and needing to maximize their LEED credits.
Renewable Strategies offers consulting, training, and presentations.
If your company is seeking CoC certification, Renewable Strategies works with Rainforest Alliance/SmartWood, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), SmartWood Canada, NEPCon and BMG Trada and has a strong relationship with Bureau Veritas (BV).

PO Box 185
Shoreham, VT, 05770

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