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Sustainability matters.

Our commitment is oriented towards proposing ideas and solutions directed at sustaining the competitiveness and reputation of our clients. These activities together distinguishes a holistic approach to sustainability through interventions in matters of Environment, Security, Quality and Social Responsibility. RGA furnishes solutions that go from analysis and planning to management and communication. The three main categories of consultancy offered are:

• Organization, Management and Certification

• Strategies and Communication;

• Audit and Compliance.

Website: http://www.rgassociati.it/en
Email: info@rgassociati.it

Milan location info:
Via San Tomaso, 6 - 20121 Milano
Tel + 39 02 455 06 892

Via Sardegna, 40
Rome, Lazio, 00187 , Italy

Rome +39 06 98 386 012

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