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Solution Blue, Inc.
Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture & Water Resources Design/Engineering firm focused on Sustainable Site Design & Engineering

Solution Blue, Inc. (“SBI”) is an established leader in the planning, design/engineering, and implementation of multi-functional outdoor spaces including parks, plazas, athletic fields, trails, parking lots, stormwater BMPs, and other green spaces. Our team provides a wide range of professional services including civil engineering, site planning, landscape design, water resources and integrated construction implementation. At SBI, we provide many site design/engineering services including site analysis, conceptual design, feasibility studies, stormwater analysis/modeling, regulatory approvals, final design, bidding assistance, construction inspections, and close-out services for a variety of unique projects.

In particular, we specialize in innovative site design, sustainable water resources, urban re-development, and the creation of multi-functional green spaces to benefit our clients and communities!

Learn more or contact us @ www.SolutionBlue.com

318 Cedar St.
St. Paul, MN, 55101


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