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Strategic Harmony Partners
Integrating Sustainability into Product Development Portfolio Management

Strategic Harmony is a patented method and model for optimizing product development investments for customer satisfaction, competitive impact, and sustainability. In considering alternative new products/services and enhancements -- across design, development, sourcin, manufacturing, delivery, use, and end of life -- the Strategic Harmony framework enables examination of trade-offs not only within sustainabilty criteria, but also between sustainability and customer needs unrelated to sustainability. By streamlining assessments of environmental impacts and related business value, sustainability is much more easily integrated with other core product development and innovation decisions. This fosters sustainable design while also enabling course corrections early in the development process when changes are easier and less expensive to make. Strategic Harmony Partners works in close partnership with the highly regarded Sustainable Business Solutions advisory practice of PwC, a full-service consulting resource across a broad range of sustainability issues.

3665 50th Avenue
Seattle, WA, 98105


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