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Sustaianble Systems Design/Development
Sustainability strategic planning and whole systems design

Strategic Design
S2D2 is a cutting edge sustainability consultancy and design firm of systems that re-invent the way we manufacture products, practice agriculture, generate energy, and provide infrastructure
safely. intelligently. regeneratively.

Sustainability Advisory Services
S2D2 serves clients who are either:
just beginning the transition to operating more sustainably
already using sustainability as a strategic driver and are ready to pursue next evolution strategies such as

operational self-sufficiency and resilience
optimizing materials selection, use, and security
closing production cycle loops through resource reclamation
employing innovative technology and systems design
employing total cost accounting to valuate resources and reflect true prosperity
social innovation creating values-led brands

S2D2 performs services in two vital areas that support the modification and optimization of current outmoded and unsustainable systems, particularly in manufacturing processes, municipal infrastructure, farming methods and energy generation. The transformation of these processes eventually penetrates the very organizational structures and people involved with them. The only way for true sustainable change to occur is to change the way we think about things. Everything. And then align our actions accordingly.
Sustainability Advisory Services

S2D2 provides an unduplicated perspective to environmental and sustainability services. Whether your company is contemplating how to begin incorporating sustainability into its business planning, or it has already successfully developed a sustainability platform and you now seek beyond best-in-class sustainable practices, S2D2 can offer a suite of services to meet your company where it is on the path of sustainability.
Strategic Planning and Organizational Sustainability Structuring

Implementing an Organizational Sustainability Plan is one of the most profound commitments any group — a company, country, or community — can make regarding its future. Sound planning and forethought enable the most effective deployment of such a massive shift to any organization. S2D2 can assist in all phases of planning and implementation:

Create the Value Proposition
Grounded in whole systems design and the business advantage it offers, we prepare leaders for the organizational transition to sustainability
Get Intimate with the Entity
We perform in-depth scoping to understand the sustainability quotient of operations and culture; we then devise how to leverage opportunities, mitigate exposures and overcome constraints
Align and Engage
We facilitate internal stakeholder engagement through communication, governance and representation structuring; we identify the most advantageous external strategic alliances
Measure and Report
We benchmark Environmental, Carbon and Social Footprints using the most robust protocols and data management systems available; provide in-depth analysis to inform sustainability strategic planning; support the development of internal capacity to track and measure future performance against sustainability metrics
Devise and Integrate Sustainability Strategies and Policies
We serve in an advisory capacity at the strategic planning table, devise bespoke triple bottom-line decision-making criteria; we contribute natural and technology-based systems perspectives to design and procurement teams; and always, offer provocative engagement and unabashed guidance

Total cost accounting and plan/event forecasting
- designing the risk out of systems
- ecosystems valuation
- decision-making criteria

- intelligent design
product/process decision-making criteria
- systems design
- closed loop processes
- materials and waste reclamation
- emerging technology adoption
- green chemistry
- alternative material/ingredients sourcing

Design Process Services

Material Selection Guidance

Research and devise “ethical sourcing” criteria for raw materials
Research, advise, and conduct trainings on alternative materials selection and C2C design processes
Achieve raw materials security through social development and environmental protection

Closing Material Loops

Research and consultation in innovative recycling technologies and reclamation processes to capture and reuse manufacturing byproducts
Nutrient “brokering” – connecting parties to secure supplies of desired feedstocks; organize consortia to create markets for and supplies of recaptured materials streams

Charlottesville, VA, 22901

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