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Sustainable Catalyst Partners LLC
Sustainability Planning & Consulting Services

Sustainable Catalyst Partners, LLC is a
sustainability planning and consulting firm that
assists our clients in understanding the breadth of
sustainability principles, creating more sustainable
policies and operations, and identifying and solving
problems for a more profitable, equitable and
sustainable outcome.We bring a holistic, triple
bottom line perspective to the challenges facing:

- Local Governments
- Colleges and Universities
- Healthcare Systems
- Corporations
- Not-For-Profits
- Neighborhood Organizations

We understand these challenges and the
importance of asking the right questions,
uncovering the issues, and involving the right
individuals and groups. We engage our clients to
educate, inspire, and set goals for a more
sustainable future for their organization. By
leading our clients through a comprehensive
process to understand their unique concerns, we
help them identify opportunities, set meaningful
goals, choose valid indicators and communicate
their objectives and plans effectively. Our services

- Sustainability Audit
- Sustainability Planning & Consulting
- Communication Strategies
- Sustainability Education

201 N Illinois Street
Suite 1700
Indianapolis, IN, 46204

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