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Sustainable Value Cycle Solutions LLP
Training, Strategic Advice and Interim expert management.

All companies are shouting that new product innovation is needed to survive but they are struggling to be innovative.

Sustainable Value Cycle Solutions provides guidance to companies on how to combine the best practices of product development with an integral, eco-effective sustainability approach. Sustainable products are designed with the concept of materials flow management (value cycles) in mind and with the aim of eliminating toxic substances and turning waste into a resource.
Central to this approach are the practical tools developed to ease navigation through the complexities of materials selection and design, and the development of new business models based on opportunity creation and the establishment of collaborative networks and alliances.

We offer staff training, strategic advice and interim expert management to cut through the confusion that surrounds sustainability and help to identify innovation and value drivers and we provide enabling tools and coaching to staff in the supply chain and product development process.

The emphasis is very much on building value rather than counting cost.

In a business strategy that incorporates a Value Cycle design approach, new value can be created which leads to business growth. Innovation is the driver of new value creation and the key to unlocking its potential is to maximise the driver for innovation.

Value creation in Sustainability, Staff training and coaching, Strategic advice on materials and supply chain development, Interim expert management (competences and partners)

Schoterlandseweg 50
Hoornsterzwaag, Friesland, 8412TA, Netherlands

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