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SXL Group
A new model of consulting. SXL Group manages teams of top students to deliver projects for you at costs far below the market average.

Managed by an international team of dedicated professionals, SXL Group is spearheading the student consulting model in China.

The concept is simple. We identify and select the most talented and ambitious students from the top universities in China and harness their brainpower to deliver top of the line project services.

The outcome is an unmatched flexibility and price/quality ratio for our clients, and invaluable work experience for the students we engage. Our students come from a wide range of academic backgrounds, and coupled with our highly versatile in-house Project Managers, SXL Group is able to offer services across a broad spectrum of areas.

We support companies in China and abroad with market research, competitor analysis, benchmark studies, market entry strategies, prospect finding and much more.

Room 2103, Dongbo Building, 168 Shangwen Road
Shanghai, Shanghai, 200010, China

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