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Since 2001 Tennaxia provides software solutions to companies with strong Corporate and Environmental Responsibility and who are facing environmental challenges and safety risks for their workforce.

Tennaxia, helps you to grow sustainably!

Since 2001, Tennaxia has been helping companies to sustain and improve their non-financial performance by providing them with overall solutions combining on-line software with business consulting.

Tennaxia helps more specifically with managing companies' Corporate Responsibility performance, facilitating Environment, Health and Safety governance, reducing EHS risks and costs, complying with their regulatory obligations; and finally, anticipating stakeholder expectations.

Tennaxia's client-centered innovations and unique service is highlighted by its 100% retention rate year after year among its clients in many different industries: automotive, food processing, chemicals, electronics, energy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc.

39 Broadway, suite 1110
New York, NY, 10006



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