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Trayak LLC
Mainstreaming Sustainability into current design processes

Trayak is a growing tech company that focuses on sustainable product and package design solutions. We are making a name for ourselves by facilitating sustainably conscious decisions at every stage of the product/ packaging development process with innovative software solutions and consulting services.

Our Goal: Enable all companies to design and manufacture their entire portfolio using sustainable design strategies. We provide simple, integrated solutions so companies don’t have to overhaul their current processes to take sustainability into consideration.

Trayak’s Approach: Mainstreaming Sustainability- Sustainability should be mainstreamed into a company’s current processes in order to have a lasting effect.

With our suite of sustainability solutions, we provide easy to use decision tools that are embedded into mainstream product development, manufacturing, and launch processes.

Mainstreaming seamlessly integrates sustainability goals, strategies, teams and tools into an organization’s product development process. For corporate sustainability goals to be reached, maintained, or advanced, sustainability must become a part of daily decisions and activities associated with product/package planning, design, and manufacturing. This means that related methodology and supporting tools must be seamlessly fused into mainstream product development processes. This is vital as mainstreaming carries with it a shift in philosophy whereas all decisions surrounding packages/products reflect the impact on corporate sustainability goals.

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