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Rapido Claims are English speaking bank claim experts. We represent clients to receive compensation, and remove abusive mortgage clauses from Spanish banks.
For too long too many banks have been over charging their clients who are unaware they are paying too much. We are Rapido Claims feel this is wrong and we have the knowledge and experience to represent clients to agree fair compensation and lower mortgage payments.
Since the financial crash of 2008 interests rates have been at record lows but banks are still charging between 3% and 4%. We work with English-speaking clients to remove these abusive clauses and get the payout they deserve.
We have been based in Spain for over a decade, and work with a pool of lawyers operating across the whole of the country. We are not a bank or lawyers ourselves – we simply represent those who are seeking to get their money back, providing a simple, fast and efficient service and a 100% claim rate.
So, why hesitate to contact us about our simple, fast Spanish bank claims? Our friendly and professional team is ready and waiting for your enquiry and can immediately get working on your case, with most settlements typically taking just 6-10 weeks. For what could be many thousands of Euros in compensation.

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