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WRA Environmental Consultants
We specialize in integrating ecology into sustainability, including sustainable landscape design, ecological restoration, ecosystem valuation, regulatory compliance, and conservation finance.

WRA, Inc. has been providing professional consulting services focused on the ecological aspects of sustainability for more than 30 years. Our experts in plant, wildlife, and aquatic ecology, regulatory compliance, conservation finance, mitigation banking, GIS, and landscape architecture, assist clients in managing environmental risks, financial analysis of environmental resources, and restoring the environment. We have completed award-winning projects recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineering, Association of Environmental Professionals, California Water Environment Association, and American Society of Landscape Architects.

Specific areas of technical expertise include:

• Aquatic Resources, Rare & Endangered Species Surveys and Regulatory Compliance (Wetlands, Streams, Riparian, Plant, Wildlife, and Marine Resources)
• Sustainable Stormwater Design (LEED Certified)
• Environmental Review (CEQA and NEPA Analysis)
• Conservation Finance and Ecosystem Valuation
• Conservation & Mitigation Bank Planning & Design
• GIS Analyses & Remote Sensing
• Sustainable Landscape Architecture
• Ecological Conservation Management & Planning
• Rare & Endangered Plant & Wildlife Surveys, Assessment & Permitting
• Trail & Open Space Design
• Watershed Assessments & Planning

2169-G East Francisco Blvd
San Rafael, CA, 94930

(415) 454-8868

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