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Zero Base
Zero Waste Resource

Zero Base integrates building cost savings, progressive technology solutions and sustainable ROI objectives in the following strategic focus areas:

• Energy Efficiency // Renewable Energy // Net-Zero Strategies
• Green Strategies // ENERGY STAR // LEED // Environmentally Preferable Materials
• Smart Energy Use // Procurement Savings // Demand Response Revenue
• Government Grants and Incentives // Tax Credits // Stimulus Funding Options
• Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Integration

Zero Base is a SOURCE-NEUTRAL ADVOCATE with applied technical expertise, tested operational experience and dedicated resources across the following core competencies:

• Site and Building Engineering // Procurement // Total Cost of Ownership // Life Cycle Analysis
• Supply Chain Programs // Strategic Sourcing // Contract Management
• Alternative Energy Solutions // Sustainability Metrics // Waste and Recycling Programs
• Energy Sourcing // Water Management // Commodity Rate Optimization // Data Integrity
• Marketing // Brand // Integrated Communications and Multi-Media Solutions

Zero Base specializes in the improvement of overall “facility fitness” by:

• DETERMINING desired goals for the property
• EVALUATING the physical site/s for efficiency improvements and savings opportunities
• ANALYZING existing contracts with all service providers for cost savings metrics
• INVESTIGATING new technologies for achieving ROI goals
• FORMULATING unbiased, third-party ROI scenarios
• SECURING available grants, economic incentives and tax breaks
• DEVELOPING a well-documented plan for transitioning to a net-zero path
• IMPLEMENTING the transition as a source-neutral building solutions advocate

423 Downing
Denver, CO, 80218


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